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January 25, 2010


I really hate this part of my life..
where the friendship is ruined..
when love means nothing to me..
when miss make me fool
when the love make me very damn sad

hate this feeling..
hate this situation..
hate the day of today..
damn it!!..
i hate it so much...
i wanna dump you..
i wanna lost you..
I swear!! I LIE...
i hate him because make me miss him damn much..
i wanna dump him cos he make me love him strong..
i wanna lost him but i want him be my side every second..

i hate this feeling rite now..
why he make me cry tonight..
hate & love him so damn much...

~why u make me crazy of you~

*bintang kecik :
rindu giler.. memang giler malam ni..
benci giler sampai giler..
please someone...... help me...

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