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November 4, 2009

~2009 Year End Contest~

this is sticky mode.. do scroll down for n3

~2009 Year End Contest~

first time me masuk contest.. huhu..
contest ni dianjurkan oleh
sangat la mudah join...

Step 1 : Write a blog post, With this Title ''2009 Year End Contest''.
You are welcome to write in Bahasa Malaysia as well.
Answer this Question in your blog post.(done it)
''How many love did you see in the picture as below?''

"23 love that i saw"

Step 2 : Enter your name, email and post your link to this contest in my comment box. (done it)
Step 3 : Sign up as follower in this blog. (done it )
Step 4 : Copy and paste my banner code.Display it on your blog sidebar. (done it)
Step 5 : Lastly, Sticky post.This post will stay at the top of your blog until the end of the Contest.(done it too)

already with with all...

1 comment:

Yann said...

tq join contest..